Sermon for 7/24/16: Ask the Pastor -- The Glorified Body

Psalm 126, Revelation 1:9-19; 19:11-16; 21:1-8; 22:16-21, Matthew 28:16-20

Naked Ladies of Cambria, 2016

Naked Ladies of Cambria, 2016

Suggested scripture readings are drawn from the alternative lectionary outlined in Brian McLaren's We Make the Road by Walking (reference and public library).  The Matthew text is an addition.

In the sermon, I land on the idea of "change of position" as a bodily discipline of justice and healthy disruption to our spiritual and public lives.  While that's the point of the incarnation, that phrase is rooted in the work of Rev. William Barbour. The following video is his sermon at Wild Goose, 2014 where I first encountered him and his amazing liberation theology.  Please watch...totally life changing experience.  Nothing I say even approaches his power:

Trailblazers and Mapmakers

Exodus 19 and 20:1-21 and Matthew 22:34-40

Suggested Scripture Readings come from We Make the Road by Walking by Brian McLaren with my own addition of Exodus 19.

Sunrise on Mount Sinai                                                                  Egypt      June 2000

Sunrise on Mount Sinai                                                                  Egypt      June 2000

Sermon Notes

A beautiful online devotion from the The High Calling served as a lens for my discussion about the Burning Bush.  I then applied that to this week's selection on the giving of the commandments.  

Aside from the Gospels themselves, the following books have shaped, informed, and inspired my reading of Exodus.  Click to links for sources: 1) We Make the Road by Walking by Brian McLaren 2)  The particulars of Rapture: reflections on exodus by Avivah Zornberg 3)  The JPS Torah Commentary: Exodus   by Nahum Sarna 4)  Exodus and Revolution by Michael Walzer

Bible verses follow the NRSV translation.