Ugly Food Collection

In August 2016, our church spent a month reflecting on the promise of ugly food.  Through preaching, visits and volunteering with GleanSLO, film screenings, and finally an Ugly Food Banquet, we brought a spiritual dimension to the problem of food waste in America and had fun with it.  The following is a collection of sermons and links to online films.  May they inspire you to create your own ugly food projects.

Boston     1999

Boston     1999

Sermon Notes

My favorite Genesis commentary is by Nahum Sarna -- this book tutored me on the defining narratives and themes of the Bible, including how I view the presence of drought in biblical literature. (Public Library and Reference)

Here's that super fun article about pomegranates that started it all from NPR's THE SALT:

There's a couple places to find the films we screened.  Here are some direct links.  You can also explore Gerald Iversen's post as it is a huge clearinghouse of all things Ugly Food, especially if you want to catch up on our speakers and the talks they gave.  This is a must if you want to put together your own project.