Sermon for 3/12/17: Empty Cabins, Blueberries, and Broccoli...Some Stories about Immigration

Genesis 12:1-4a, Psalm 121, and John 3:1-17

Wild Blueberries -- The Ones I Know Well

Wild Blueberries -- The Ones I Know Well

...under this commandment not only he is guilty who does evil to his neighbor, but he also who can do him good, prevent, resist evil, defend and save him, so that no bodily harm or hurt happen to him, and yet does not do it.
— Martin Luther on the 5th Commandment from the Large Catachism

Sermon Notes

Of all the various issues that have arisen for us as a nation in the few years that I have been a pastor, worries over the plight of the immigrant have seemed to captivate this congregation more than other kinds of concerns.  I find myself answering questions during coffee hour or having parking lot conversations about the new rhetoric around the immigrant and refugee in our country -- perhaps because it is so personal to us here in California.  We observed as a synod Refugee and Migrant Sunday this past Sunday.  I offer some other resources if you'd like to deepen your commitments or simply extend some curiosity to learn more.  

The Guardian Angels Program is the work of our own synod here in Southwest California.  They help provide legal counsel to unaccompanied children in immigration court as well as serve as court observers:

You can also get involved with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.  Volunteer, donate, or advocate.  There is much you can do from home:

To keep up on pro-policy initiatives as the state level, check out the California Immigration Policy Center.  I have many questions about the various bills up for passage at the moment, and they have been a good place to find out more about them.  They are non-partisan and do not funnel money to candidates.  They have been critical of President Trump, but they were critical of President Obama as well.  So they are evenhanded in their advocacy to protect refugees and immigrants in America.