Sermon for 6/5/16: Getting Ready to Vote

Acts 10:9-16 and Matthew 9:9-17

Sermon Notes

Suggested scripture readings are drawn from the alternative lectionary outlined in Brian McLaren's We Make the Road by Walking (reference and public library).  The Matthew text was my addition.

I attribute my main idea in the this sermon to Arthur Brooks who gave a TED Talk on rethinking how conservatives and liberals work together.  He works for the conservative American Enterprise Institute. Wish I could claim these ideas myself for my sermon -- the idea of applying our family tendencies and needs to a broader spectrum are ALL his. I just put them into a Jesus context.  Totally worth listening to...Here is the link to his TED Talk as well as to the TED Radio Hour episode where I first heard his ideas.  His interview is the first segment. Please do not mistake this attribution of ideas as a political endorsement to a candidate or ideology.