Sermon for 3/6/16: Anxiety Interrupted

Matthew 6:19-7:12

Suggested Scripture readings follow Brian McLaren's alternative lectionary in We Make the Road by walking (reference and library).

The Purple Challenge continues after the rain                             Cambria 2016

The Purple Challenge continues after the rain                             Cambria 2016

Sermon  Notes
This week we visit the issue of anxiety...not just a mental health thicket, but apparently a spiritual quandry Jesus deigns worth addressing.  I suppose any kind of thicket in our lives is a spiritual one.  

Maria Popova on her amazing website wrote a reflection on Sarah Manguso's work Ongoingness: The End of a Diary (reference and library).  It was there, she posted a thoughtful quote on the root of anxiety --  the entry into my sermon. Subscribe to her weekly newsletter.  Totally worth it.  Follow this link to her article and so much more:

Yet again, another interview by Krista Tippett to feed the spiritual imagination.  I found Brother David Steindl-Rast's words on anxiety thought provoking.  Have a listen:

Questions to Ponder this Week

When you find yourself worrying, what do you do to soothe yourself? Healthy habits? Unhealthy? Are you aware when you feel anxious or do you notice later...after the house is clean, after the punishing exercise routine, after the lost sleep, after you run out of antacids, etc.,etc.etc?