Sermon for 12/11/16: What Has Been Done

Luke 1:46-55 and Matthew 11:2-11

Infinite weight and lightness; to carry
in hidden, finite inwardness,
nine months of Eternity; to contain
in slender vase of being,
the sum of power–
in narrow flesh,
the sum of light.
Then bring to birth,
push out into air, a Man-child
needing, like any other,
milk and love–

but who was God.
— from "Annunciation" by Denise Levertov

Sermon Notes

This sermon was inspired by all the Advent commentaries I have read on and a Krista Tippett interview from a while back on the radio show Onbeing, but I have no idea which one.  Sorry, anonymous poet! I also think it is Nadia Boltz-Weber who regularly talks about Mary as the her justification for preaching as a woman.